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About Us

About Bin Bath

Bin Bath was originally established in 1989 in the western suburbs of Perth, bringing a new standard in waste container hygiene to the State. Since then the company has built a broad customer base and work across the breadth of the city for many of Perth’s Property and Strata Title Managers, Local Councils, the hospitality industry and residential clients.

Bringing a New Standard to Waste Container Hygiene.

Regulatory and Safety

Bin Bath is certified by all the leading OH&S/WHS pre-qualification management organisations, including; CM3, Who’s on Site and Trade Monitors making it easier to engage Bin Bath as your preferred bin cleaning services provider. Bin Bath is fully insured, holding public liability and workers compensation insurance.

The cleaning products are detailed in our Material Declaration Sheets (MDS), information your organisation will require to meet OH&S/WHS requirements.

Safety is always first, our staff wear appropriate PPE and operate to the highest of safety standards.

Environmental Protection (Unauthorised Discharge) Regulations 2004 Act Complaint.

Bin Bath have a commercial Watercorp Wastewater Discharge Permit and the necessary, dedicated plumbing infrastructure at its Maddington facility enabling the company to lawfully dispose of its grey wastewater in a compliant and environmentally responsible manner. Managing our wastewater means we meet the stringent requirements of the Environmental Protection (Unauthorised Discharge) Regulations 2004 Act contained in the Western Australian Environmental Protection Legislation.

Revolutionary Equipment

Bin Bath’s new improved truck design has an enclosed wash bay which completely minimises overspray when cleaning, meeting the Environmental Protection (Unauthorised Discharge) Regulations 2004. Not only is the wash bay enclosed but the equipment is housed in a closed unit making it quieter and therefore less disruptive.

Bin Bath Cleaned Bins Are Hygienic and Sanitised.

Bin Bath cleaned bins are hygienic and sanitised. The new truck design includes an ultra-efficient 4 stage, closed loop water recycling and filtering system which allow Bin Bath to recycle water saving 10,000’s of litres of water a day and all grey wastewater is removed from the site and disposed of under license.

Cleaning Products

Bin Bath uses custom formulated biodegradable citrus based cleaning, deodorising and sanitising products. The long lasting lemon scented deodoriser & sanitising product not only leaves longer lasting, fresher smelling bins, it also repels unwanted bacteria and germ carrying insects with its highly efficacious insect repellent.

Longer Lasting, Fresher Bins.


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