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Residential Bin Clean
Bin Bath Perth

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The Bin Bath Perth cleaning process.

For all bin cleaning services, contact Bin Bath Perth. We have over 30 years of experience cleaning residential bins and industrial bins. Our staff have been trained to ensure that all wheelie bins are properly cleaned and sanitised. All Bin Bath Perth trucks are fully mobile to provide you with a same day service.

We clean your bins on the same day they’re emptied to keep your bins hygienically cleaned and disinfected at all times. We leave no messes or chemical smells, just clean and fresh smelling wheelie bins.

Your bins will first be inspected to ensure that there is no excess rubbish that was left behind by your bin collector. Then similar to the wheelie bin, your waste container will be placed onto the back of the truck to be cleaned. It will be thoroughly cleaned by a high pressure hose as well as a safe and effective cleaning solution. To finish it off, it will be deodorised and sanitised.

Bin Bath Perth
Residential Bin Cleaning

The Bin Bath truck will arrive at your property hours after your regular Council rubbish collection. The bins will first be inspected to check they’re fully emptied then hydraulically lifted inside the truck. They will then be professionally cleaned and sanitised under high pressure water. The bath on the truck is enclosed with water, treated with a lemon scented anti bacterial degenerate and disinfectant.
This method of cleaning was designed to ensure better hygiene, recyclable water and a safer environment.

All cleaning solutions used by Bin Bath Perth are completely safe, environment friendly and are filtered within the cleaning unit. These solutions are far superior to washing your bins with cold water from a hose.

After you’ve been provided with the bin clean, the water used is then filtered for later re-use. At the end of the run, all water wastage is properly disposed of in accordance with standards. We do not empty the water in any drainage systems.

The Bin Bath Way

Step 1
Book a Bin Clean

Submit an enquiry either online or over the phone today. Let us know your bin day and the number of bins you require cleaned. We can then arrange a day to have your bins professionally cleaned. Discounts are offered if you choose to have your bins regularly cleaned.

Step 2
Bins Professionally Cleaned

The Bin Bath Perth team will arrive to clean your bin on the agreed upon date. We will first inspect your bin to ensure that they are completely emptied. Your bin is then hydraulically lifted inside of the truck. It is then professionally cleaned and sanitised under a high pressure water hose. Enclosed within the truck is a lemon scented antibacterial treatment.

Step 3
Water Treated

As your bins are cleaned within the truck itself there is some excess water treatment left. The water used in the cleaning process is filtered within the truck to later be re-used in other bin cleaning. At the end of the run, all water wastage is properly disposed of in accordance with regulations. We do not empty the water in any drainage system.

Step 4

When booking your initial bin clean, you have the option to make it a regularly rostered clean. Having your bin on a rostered clean won't only keep your bins clean and smelling great but it will also save you some money.

For all bin cleaning services, contact Bin Bath Perth.

We have over 30 years of experience cleaning residential bins and industrial bins.

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Why you should have your bins regularly cleaned

Great smell
Prevent rodents
Kills 99.99% bacteria
Prevent insects
Prevent mould growth
Prevent cross contimination


Got questions? We have the answers!

What bins do we clean?

As Perth’s most established and experienced bin cleaning business, we clean all bins. We clean the 120l, 240l, 360l wheelie bins as well as the 660l and 1100l plastic dumpers. These bin sizes are cleaned in our custom made proprietary bin cleaning truck, with the process being mostly automated. The larger bins, the front-lift steel bins are often not cleaned because of the inconvenience and difficulty. We service these bins for our valued clients. Soon we will be introducing technology to clean them far quicker and more efficiently. Stay tuned!

Why would I have my bin professionally cleaned?

Bin Bath will make your bins look and smell great inside and out. We use a completely enclosed washing unit equipped with biodegradable, antibacterial detergent and deodorisers, combined with a high-pressure water pump to clean the bins hygienically. We recycle our water through a sophisticated filtration system. We dispose of recycled water and filtered solids under license as required by the WA Water Corporation.

How often should I have my residential bin cleaned?

This is dependant on how dirty the bin gets. We recommend starting with four weekly service for domestic customers, then if you feel it requires cleaning more often contact us. For businesses and commercial customers, we recommend fortnightly service or four weekly cleaning service for excellent results.

Does my recycle bin need cleaning?

It depends on what you put in it! It usually doesn’t get that dirty like your domestic rubbish bin, but milk, soft drink, beer and wine spillages are significant to start bacteria building in your bin, which isn’t good especially in our climate. Also, insects love sugar-based items, so we recommend you have it cleaned at the same time as the domestic bin.

What is a FOGO bin?

FOGO stands for Food Organics Garden Organics. The FOGO kerbside collection is for food and garden waste such as kitchen scraps, lawn clippings, small branches and garden debris. Material from the FOGO bin (green lid) will be collected fortnightly on the alternate week to your recycling bin (yellow lid).

Do you clean every day of the week?

You will often find us on Saint Georges Terrace in the City of Perth cleaning bins from 3am in the morning. We start as early as required on the day and usually work up to 7pm in the evening. We don’t work on public holidays or weekends but if there is a job to do, then we will make a plan to do the job. Contact us if outside usual hours.

Have questions about how we work and what you get? We've got all the answers you need.